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Gary Barrell (Jan 2015)


A life in the week of Gary Barrell, PE teacher at Nunnery Wood High School, school games organiser at Golden Hillock School and U14/U16 girls team manager of the Worcestershire County Schools Football Association.




Golden Hillock School. A day of planning in my school games organiser role sees me planning the next primary network meeting. We have had a record number of primary schools gain the School Games Mark. The focus of the next network meeting will be showing other primary schools the benefits of linking the School Games into their schools curriculum. The evening sees me attend an FA emergency first aid course due my current certification running out. I get home to a mug of tea and a chance to go over my planning for the next two days teaching.




Back into teaching mode at Nunnery Wood High School, with a full day of teaching ahead. I have a lunch time meeting with my junior sports leaders to ensure that they are all aware of their job roles in tomorrow’s futsal tournament.  After school I lead girls football practice that gives us a chance for our U14 girls to focus on tomorrow’s tournament. This is followed by an evening trip across to Littleton Football Club to give the Worcestershire teachers side a work out prior to playing the Aston Villa FPA on Sunday. We are given a tough work out but it is good to play a game together as a team prior to the big match.




Nunnery Wood High School again. A day of teaching followed by organising and hosting an U14 futsal tournament for schools from across Worcestershire. It’s a successful tournament that has seven secondary schools take part. It’s great to have so many of our schools’ young leaders take an active part in leading the tournament in a variety of roles including officiating, timing, administration etc. I send a few emails in the evening finalising transport details for the county side while we are in Orlando, Florida for the ESPN Disney Soccer Showcase. The team have a busy schedule while on tour but it will be a great experience for them. A chat with Tiffany Sahaydak, head coach of the University Central Florida and a 1999 FIFA World Cup winner, brings home the fact that we leave in just over ten weeks.




Golden Hillock School. Switching back into SGO mode sees me run a year 5 and 6 basketball festival at Parkview Secondary School. A great event attended by six schools who all entered a boys and girls team. The young leaders from Parkview are fantastic and handle the pressure of running a festival very well. The evening sees my make the trip from Birmingham to Worcester for our U14 county sides sports screening clinic that is hosted by Sally Smith from the University of Worcester. The sports therapy support that we get from the university is of great benefit to the county side and the girls learn a lot from the experience.  




Nunnery Wood High School. A day of administration in the SGO role with meetings taking place to decide how best to train up our primary school young leaders linked into the Change 4 Life programme. This is then followed up with our staff football that allows teaching staff to end the week focusing on sport rather than marking.




Match day for Dudley Town playing against Ellesmere Rangers. A tight game between two evenly matched sides, leads to a defeat for Dudley. However it’s a decent team performance and on a positive note I am not injured and can look forward to playing in the fund raiser tomorrow against the Aston Villa Former Players Association.  




A busy day ahead as the Worcestershire teachers play against the Aston Villa Former Players Association to raise funds of for the Worcestershire County Schools U16 girls side who are competing in the prestigious ESPN Disney Soccer Showcase. A lot of organisation has gone into this event with Jenny Russell, a teacher from Stourport High School, being of great help. She has helped me run the county side for a number of years now and is a key part of its continued success. I get to the ground early to ensure that all is set up. The parents and pupils are of great help ensuring that the day runs smoothly. We are even blessed with good weather. The event is a great success with over £2,000 raised for the girls. A good turn-out of 200 plus sees a good game of football, with the Worcestershire teachers gaining the win. Thank you Littleton Football Club for being great hosts.