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Stephen Brunger (June 2015)


A life in the week of Stephen Brunger, PE teacher at King Charles I School in Kidderminster, Worcestershire




After a long, busy and exciting weekend, I roll over to press the snooze button on my alarm. It doesn’t take me long to wake up to the world as I start my day with some eggs (scrambled of course – great source of protein). I’m in early to set up for my year 7 lesson. They are health and fitness testing this morning so there’s a lot to get through. The challenge of a talented tear 8 group for athletics follows. One young man in the class has recently just competed in the U13/14 national cross country championships so it’s safe to say I won’t be joining in. A busy morning with the lower years but a more loaded afternoon ahead with my year 11 GCSE group. Revision, they love it. After football training with the year 7 and 8 boys, I’m off to the gym. Its ‘fun day Mondays’, so just a short abs session before the pain of spin. Ouch.




It’s athletics central at the moment, so it’s just a hop, skip and jump from year 10 to year 9 in the morning. I manage to find time for a quick coffee before my year 8 sprint lesson. Thank goodness for caffeine because these boys are quick. The afternoon sees glorious weather, athletics and yet again some more GCSE revision (honestly they love it). No time to rest though as the year 8 boys have a league fixture against a local school. It’s tight game but our dominant possession guides us to steal a goal and win 1-0. Exciting times ahead for this squad.




Hump day. A year 7 double lesson in the morning inspires my appetite for the day. They’re a highly competitive group of boys and a joy to teach. I wind down, attempting to tackle the growing list of jobs, one of them being the talented year 10 boys’ football team. They have achieved so much in recent years, a third county cup final, three league victories, one Worcestershire schools county cup win and ESFA national cup success to name a few. After school, it’s department teaching and learning. Head of PE James Wilkinson is briefing us on the changes to our curriculum and some light discussion surrounding assessment. A great way to end the day. In the evening, I’m turning out for my cricket team. On a Wednesday night it’s a twelve over game and, taking into consideration we’re all footballers, it’s a laugh… to watch. I take the gloves and keep wicket, mainly because nobody else wants to. I’m content as I take a catch and avoid any serious blunders. I’m in at three to bat but as my turn approaches I’m far from confident. As expected I knock a quick single and I’m then bowled middle wicket. Long walk of shame back. Gutted.




The legs feel fatigued today from my stint behind the wickets last night. I can’t imagine I will be challenging any of the year 7 boys to a race during their sprint lesson this morning. After a full day of teaching, I’m hopping on the bus with the year 9 football team to face local rivals Bewdley in the Wyre Forest schools’ league. They’re tough competitors so we’re expecting a tough game. Some mildly impressive play during the first half secures a positive talk with the boys at the break. Their performance second half seals the deal and a 3-1 win, including a wonder goal from our midfield maestro. Thursday done.




I’m based at our lower school site on Fridays with years 7 and 8. I meet my year 7 tutor group first thing as they have some silent reading to do. Shortly after, I embark upon a morning of year 8 athletics. There’s great benefits to teaching the same activity to several year groups as I’m seeing clear progress and challenge across the board. That said, I miss football and bring on the cricket unit. I’m afforded the pleasure of a free period in the afternoon so I use this time to meet with my ITT student about his week of teaching and look forward to planning next week. I’ve enjoyed this role and have enjoyed seeing someone develop their teaching.




I start the weekend at the gym with a body pump class and it kills me. I would have welcomed a lie in but having a pile of work to get through means there’s no play without work. Saturday afternoon is spent trying to multi task between keeping up to date with the football scores and planning GCSE revision. It’s at this point I realise I’m living the dream. I’m off out in the evening to celebrate a friend’s birthday, time to burn off some steam.




Sleep is desperately needed. I see it through till the afternoon before I sit down to watch the football and attempt some planning. Here we go again.