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A life in the week of Brian Newson, school sport coordinator at Arnold Hill Academy in Nottingham




Weekly morning briefing after a weekend debrief with the gang. Usual team event to get the trampolines out ready for the day. A broken kettle means a distinct lack of a caffeine boost so it is a slow process. Monday lesson time starts with PPA which allows me to get my photocopying for the week started. First lesson with year 11 GCSE theory, working through an end of unit test. The group chuckle at one lad's answer for a source of protein being ‘the farm shop.’ Not sure when I taught that. Duty very eventful today. Not sure why but nothing two of us can’t handle. Lunchtime involves checking clubs are running smoothly as does after school. Girls rugby is growing so hopefully we will have enough for a game soon. A busy Monday also includes a weekly mentor meeting with our PGCE student. No exercise as still suffering from coming off the bike yesterday.




Up early for a full day today. All key stages so a mix of inside and out. Year 11 fitness period one. They are all worried I'll unleash the dreaded twelve minute Cooper run like last week (where motivation consisted of me doing it with them). Not this week though, just some HIIT for them. Boccia tournament this afternoon and our year 8 return victors and our year 10s come third which is a fantastic result for them. Both teams are incredibly happy and proud at representing the school. I go for a run in the evening though not having a planned event soon means little motivation to get out. I go for a steady five miles and am pleasantly surprised at the pace. I make sure I upload it to Strava, a motivational tool in itself.




My SSCo day. I get a lot of stick on this day as I am off timetable organising all things sport for the school and creating links with local clubs. I play along by putting my feet on the desk every now and again. It’s actually a very busy day where it feels like things don’t actually get sorted. Sourcing new sports badges for those representing the teams, plus a meeting regarding our summer activities week, which seems miles away with the heavy, cold rain hammering down outside. I rub it in when the department come in soaked after period one. However, fate deals its hand later when I am coaching a sixth form rugby game and the hail starts to form. To make matters worse we lend our opponents some of our players as they are short and they beat us. I warm up at home with a blast on the turbo trainer at home pushed on by the motivational yelling of Coach Troy on DVD.




Great start to the day with my super eager year 7s, so enthusiastic despite the chilly start for rugby. Periods 3-5 involve just KS4 and some of the most rewarding lessons with these groups is sports leaders. It shows them in a different light and some of the quieter ones really show a different, commanding side that surprises the others in the groups. Tonight we have a year 8 rugby tournament to attend, at our local rivals, which I organised on my ‘day off.’ We win one of three but the lads are buzzing as they always are after a rugby game especially as we beat our local rivals in the final game. No exercise for me tonight as I had a light spin on the bike prior to work today plus a big teachers football match after school tomorrow. I need to rest.




The day starts with meeting a couple of my sixth form tutees for our one to one. Always enjoyable as you can get to really know them and find out what makes them tick. My PGCE mentee has his visiting tutor in today and he was a bit nervous but with no need as he is making excellent progress. Period 5 CPD is followed by the big match with Arnold Hill Academy staff football team aiming to continue our winning season. We do so with flying colour despite the best efforts of two members of the PE department - one scoring an own goal and the other putting their striker clean through to score. However we still manage to win 5-2.




My day off for exercise but it’s an early start to get my three year old daughter to her swimming lesson. She is flying at the moment and is loving swimming unaided though can only go for three metres so far. My wife also carries the exercise baton by running in a local Movember 5k event, getting a new PB which is fantastic and also means we get to celebrate with a bottle of wine and an Indian takeaway.




I’m back on the exercise trail and sent out an invite to the usual runners and riders but surprisingly with the very low temperatures forecast there are just two for the Belper and back ride we had planned. Tough going again but the thought of the 150 mile coast to coast ride in June spurs us on over the hills. The afternoon is spent preparing for the busy week ahead with fixtures including girls’ cricket and U16 county football away at Grimsby on top of my lessons.