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ESCA/David English U13 Bunbury Cup 2017


First Round: (Midlands) Trent College 125-5 bt Nottingham HS 51 all out by 74 runs; King’s School Grantham; Solihull School 104-1 bt Newcastle under Lyme School 103 all out by nine wickets; Magdalen College School 209-2 (James Coles 122no) bt Leicester GS 174 all out by 35 runs; Bromsgrove School (bye); John Masefield School (bye); Prestfelde School (bye)’ Oundle School (bye) (South West) Christ the King College (bye); Twyford School (bye); Cotswold School (bye); Colston’s School (bye); King’s Hall School, Taunton (bye); Bournemouth School (bye); Truro School (bye); Exeter School (bye) (South East) Trinity School, Croydon 200-5 (Gethin Roberts 79 Jaihan Khrull 73) bt Eton College 65 all out by 135 runs; New Hall School 114-3 bt Perse School 111 all out by seven wickets; Eltham College bt St Paul’s Cathedral School by 19 runs; Haberdashers’ Aske’s School 80-4 bt Aylesbury GS 79 all out by six wickets; Langley School (bye); Ipswich School (bye); Queen Elizabeth Boys School (bye); Bede’s School (bye)


Second Round: (North) Mowden Hall School (bye); Sedbergh School 81-2 bt Barnard Castle School 80 all out by eight wickets; Manchester GS 166-5 bt Birkenhead School 60 all out by 106 runs; St Aidan’s CofE School 135-2 (Allinson 48 Horbury 41no) bt Hymers College 80-9 (Allinson 3-4) by 55 runs (Midlands) Trent College v King’s School Grantham; Solihull School 150-7 bt Magdalen College School 146-7 by three wickets; Bromsgrove School 57-1 bt John Masefield School 55 all out by nine wickets; Prestfelde School 106-2 (Jack Home 50no) bt Oundle School 102-7 by eight wickets (South West) Twyford School 64-1 bt Christ the King College 60-6 by nine wickets; Colston’s School bt Cotswold School; King’s Hall School, Taunton 233-0 (George Thomas 104no James Rew 103no) bt Bournemouth School 87-8 by 146 runs; Truro School 99-0 (Toby French 39no) bt Exeter School 98 all out (Ben Bebb 4-22) by ten wickets (South East) New Hall School 131-4 bt Trinity School, Croydon 130 all out by six wickets; Haberdashers’ Aske’s School 87-2 (A.Pandki 34no) bt Eltham College 86 all out (Z.Kureshi 3-13) by eight wickets; Langley School 83-2 bt Ipswich School 79 all out (Charlie Barber 5-26) by eight wickets; Bede’s School 145-2 bt Queen Elizabeth Boys School 76 all out by 69 runs


Third Round: (North) Sedbergh School 106 all out (Tom Mullins 45 Fenn Riddell 5-15) bt Mowden Hall School 30-9 (Tom Aspinwell 5-12) by 76 runs; Manchester GS 107-3 (Shelty 58no) bt St Aidan’s CofE School 106 all out (Clift 4-10) by seven wickets (Midlands) Solihull School 123-7 bt Trent College 120-6 by three wickets; Bromsgrove School 129-4 bt Prestfelde School 97 all out by 32 runs (South West) Twyford School 164-6 bt Colston’s School 163-6 by six wickets; King’s Hall School, Taunton 233-0 (George Thomas 115no James Rew 102no) bt Truro School 40 all out by 193 runs (South East) New Hall School 139-2 bt Haberdashers’ Aske’s School 137-5 (Niyam Shah 61) by eight wickets; Bede’s School 83-1 bt Langley School 82-6 by nine wickets


Quarter Finals: (North) Manchester GS 115-5 bt Sedbergh School 112-8 by five wickets (Midlands) Solihull School 178-9 bt Bromsgrove School 142-7 by 36 runs (South West) King’s Hall School, Taunton 240-3 bt Twyford School 213-9 by 27 runs (South East) Bede’s School 133-4 bt New Hall School 129-7 by six wickets


Semi Finals: Solihull School 131-5 bt Manchester GS 129-6 by five wickets; King’s Hall School, Taunton 146-7 bt Bede’s School 91 all out by 55 runs


Final: King’s Hall School, Taunton 57-1 off 12 overs bt Solihull School 148 all out on better run rate