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School Sport Magazine National Schools U15 Girls T20 Cup 2017


First Round Robin (All matches to be played by no later than May 28)


Group A: Ormskirk School 124-3 bt Altrincham Girls GS 81-5 by 43 runs; Ormskirk School 105-3 bt Fallibroome Academy 45-6 by 60 runs; Fallibroome Academy bt Altrincham Girls GS


Group B: Horizon Community College bt South Hunsley School; Wakefield Girls HS 95 (Rebecca Coe 45no) bt South Hunsley School 85 by ten runs; Wakefield Girls HS 108-4 (Rebecca Coe 50no) bt Horizon Community College 107 by six wickets


Group C: Moreton Hall School 86-2 bt Ellesmere College 85-8 by eight wickets; Shrewsbury School 154-3 bt Shrewsbury HS 121-6 by 33 runs; Moreton Hall School 120-3 (S.Bureau 30no) bt Shrewsbury HS 119-4 (A.Slater 31no) by seven wickets; Shrewsbury School 153-3 bt Ellesmere College 32-4 by 13 runs (DL method); Shrewsbury HS 102-4 bt Ellesmere College 100-9 by six wickets; Shrewsbury School 72-2 bt Moreton Hall School 71-5 by eight wickets


Group D: Perse School bt St Faith’s School; St Ivo School bt St Faith’s School; St Ivo School bt Perse School


Group E: Abbotsholme School 65-0 bt Bromsgrove School 64 all out by ten wickets; Abbotsholme School 134 bt Leicester GS 27 by 107 runs; Leicester GS 78 bt Bromsgrove School 77


Group F: Shenfield HS bt St Joseph’s College Ipswich; Shenfield HS bt Brentwood School; St Joseph’s College Ipswich v Brentwood School


Group G: Felsted School 135 bt New Hall School 134; Great Baddow HS v Felsted School; New Hall School v Great Baddow HS


Group H: Hurstpierpoint College 122-5 bt Coloma Convent Girls School 47 all out by 75 runs; Hurstpierpoint College 64-6 bt Kingston GS 63 all out; Coloma Convent Girls School 52-4 bt St Swithun’s School 51-6 by six wickets; Hurstpierpoint College bt St Swithun’s School; Coloma Convent Girls School v Kingston GS; Kingston GS v St Swithun’s School


Group I: Gildredge House School 120-8 (Mimi Wilton 34) bt Brighton College 92 all out (Hattie Reade 4-10) by 28 runs; Kent College 78 all out bt Gildredge House School 62 all out by 16 runs; Kent College 152-4 bt Brighton College 102 all out by 50 runs


Group J: Berkhamsted School bt James Allen’s Girls School by 29 runs; James Allen’s Girls School bt Vyners School; Berkhamsted School bt Vyners School


Group K: Millfield School 69-0 (Harriet Dimdore-Miles 39no) bt King’s College Taunton 68-7 (Holly Hunter 2-9) by ten wickets; Taunton School bt King Edward’s School Bath; Millfield School bt King Edward’s School Bath; King’s College Taunton v Taunton School; Millfield bt Taunton School; King’s College Taunton bt King Edward’s School Bath


Group L: South Dartmoor Academy 88-5 bt Canford School 86-7 by five wickets; Canford School bt Gillingham School; South Dartmoor Academy bt Gillingham School


Quarter Finals


Group M: Shrewsbury School 80-3 (I Wong 47no) bt Ormskirk School 79-5 (L.Ockleston 2-7) by seven wickets; Wakefield Girls HS 191-0 (R Coe 100no) bt Ormskirk School 134-5 by 57 runs; Shrewsbury 96-4 (I Wong 41no) bt Wakefield Girls HS 94-2 (R Coe 62no) by six wickets


Group N: Abbotsholme School 60 bt St Ivo School 59 all out; St Ivo School bt Shenfield HS  off last ball; Abbotsholme School v Shenfield HS


Group O: Felsted School 140-1 bt Kent College 99-3 by 41 runs; Felsted School 95 bt Hurstpierpoint College 97-5 by five wickets; Hurstpierpoint College v Kent College


Group P: Millfield 119-5 (Millie Quaintance 59) bt Berkhamsted School 78-7 by 41 runs; South Dartmoor Academy 120-6 bt Berkhamsted School 115-7 by five runs; Millfield 86-2 bt South Dartmoor Academy 83-8 by eight wickets


Semi Finals: Felsted School 90-3 bt Millfield 78-6 by twelve runs; Abbotsholme School 93-6 bt Shrewsbury School 90-2 by three runs


Final: Abbotsholme School 101-6 bt Felsted School 99-6 by four wickets (Abbotsholme disqualified after playing illegible players - Felsted declared champions)