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ESAA National Schools Cross Country Cup Final 2018


U13 Junior Boys: 1st – Judd School; 2nd – Eastwood Academy; 3rd – Coopers Company & Coborn School; 4th – Dr Challoner’s GS: 5th – Robert May’s School, Hook; 6th – Dulwich College; 7th – Southend HS for Boys; 8th – Reading Blue Coat School; 9th – Millfield School; 10th – Whitgift School; 11th – Park Community School, Barnstaple; 12th – St Albans School; 13th – Ilkley GS; 14th – Durham Johnston Comprehensive School; 15th – Calday Grange GS; 16th – Altrincham GS for Boys; 17th – Ripon GS; 18th – RGS High Wycombe; 19th – Marling School, Stroud; 20th – Bishop’s Stortford HS; 21st – Queen Elizabeth GS Penrith; 22nd – Arden School; 23rd – Alcester GS; 24th – High Storrs School, Sheffield; 25th – Bourne GS; 26th – Ermysted’s GS; 27th – Perse School


U15 Intermediate Boys: 1st – King Edward VI School, Morpeth; 2nd – Tomlinscote School, Camberley; 3rd – Woodbridge School; 4th – Calday Grange GS: 5th – Eastwood Academy; 6th – St Anselm’s College; 7th – Abingdon School; 8th – Sevenoaks School; 9th – Dartford GS; 10th – Queen Katherine School, Kendall; 11th – Bishop Wordsworth School; 12th – Northampton School for Boys; 13th – Dr Challoner’s GS; 14th – St Alban’s School; 15th – Southend HS for Boys; 16th – John Hampden GS; 17th – Shrewsbury School; 18th – Bourne GS; 19th – Toot Hill School, Nottingham; 20th – Ermysted’s GS; 21st – Stamford School; 22nd – Reading Blue Coat School; 23rd – Hummersknott Academy, Darlington; 24th – St George’s School, Harpenden; 25th – Bishop Vesey’s GS; 26th – Merchant Taylor’s School, Northwood; 27th – King Edward VI Fiveways School, Birmingham; 28th – Furze Platt Senior School


U13 Junior Girls: 1st – Dr Challoner’s HS; 2nd – Bradford GS; 3rd – Durham Johnston Comprehensive School; 4th – Coopers Company & Coborn School: 5th – Guildford HS; 6th – Leweston School; 7th – Croydon HS; 8th – Redmaid’s HS; 9th – Walthamstow Hall School; 10th – St Michael’s Church of England HS, Chorley; 11th – St  Aidan’s Church of England HS, Harrogate; 12th – Bourne GS; 13th – City of London School for Girls; 14th - James Allen’s Girls School; 15th – Kirkbie Kendall School; 16th – Southend HS for Girls; 17th – Putney HS; 18th – Farlingaye HS; 19th – Loreto GS, Altrincham; 20th – Newquay Tretherras School; 21st – Princethorpe College; 22nd – Ilkley GS; 23rd – Thomas Telford School; 24th – Wycliffe College; 25th – Aylesbury HS; 26th – Perse School; 27th – Skipton Girls HS


U15 Intermediate Girls: 1st – Coopers Company & Coborn School; 2nd – Millfield School; 3rd – Dr Challoner’s HS; 4th – Skipton Girls HS: 5th – Notre Dame HS, Sheffield; 6th – Sevenoaks School; 7th – Harrogate GS; 8th – City of London School for Girls; 9th – Sherborne Girls School; 10th – Canon Slade School, Bolton; 11th – Alleyn’s School; 12th – Southend HS for Girls; 13th – Woodbridge School; 14th – Headington School; 15th – St Catherine’s School, Guildford; 16th – City of London Freeman’s School; 17th – Bradford GS; 18th – St Alban’s Girls School; 19th – Loreto GS, Altrincham; 20th – Thomas Telford School; 21st – Cheltenham Ladies College; 22nd – King Edward VII School, Sheffield; 23rd – St Helen & St Katharine School; 24th – Charters School; 25th – Queen Elizabeth GS, Penrith; 26th – Ripon GS; 27th – Stroud HS