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Claire Faram is a 27-year-old PE teacher at Putney High School in London.


Having played lacrosse since she was nine-years-old, Claire now plays at senior international level for England with 35 caps.


She represented Great Britain in the 2017 World Games and now has her sights on gaining a place in the England squad for the 2021 World Championships in Maryland, USA.


What school (s) did you go to school?


I went to Marple Hall School in Manchester.


What’s your earliest sporting memory?


My earliest memory of sport is practising rugby in the garden and being a tackle bag for my brothers growing up.


Who were your sporting heroes growing up?


I have always been a big Johnny Wilkinson fan and can still remember him kicking to win the World Cup in 2003.


What are your best and worst sporting memories of school?


I played lacrosse outside of school but my favourite sporting memories at school were probably going to athletics meets or playing football. I don’t have any bad memories – PE was always my favourite lesson.


Can you recall a memorable sporting teacher?


My favourite sports teacher at school was my cross-country teacher. She really taught me how to work hard and push myself beyond what I thought I could do. I am lucky to now work alongside a lot of memorable teachers like her at Putney High. I am so lucky to work in a department that really supports my international career and allows me to have time off to compete in major tournaments.


What sports do you play these days?


I only really have time to play lacrosse these days.


In what other ways do you stay healthy?


I follow a weights programme and do lots of running to stay fit for lacrosse. I also like to go hiking when I get time.


What is your favourite sporting memory?


My favourite sporting memory is hard to choose. I think my first senior cap for England springs to mind and also beating Australia in Melbourne in a three-game test series in 2016.


What’s been your most embarrassing sporting moment?


Probably falling over whilst umpiring a lacrosse match. It was really muddy and the game was moving really fast and my feet just flew out from under me.


What’s your biggest sporting bugbear?


My biggest sporting bugbear is people that don’t work hard. We place a huge emphasis on giving your all at Putney. You can’t do any better than try your best and we love to celebrate effort.


When was the last time you cried at a sporting event?


I am not really a crier but I remember crying when I was playing for Loughborough and we lost in the BUCS quarter final in my final year (2013). I was so sad that it was over because I had such an amazing time playing sport at university.


Which three sports people would you like to have around for dinner and why?


I think I would have Serena Williams, Katharine Granger and Paula Radcliffe – all amazing female athletes that I have looked up to over the years.