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Ella Rice is director of sport at Badminton School at Westbury on Trym, Bristol.


What school (s) did you go to?


I attended Sherborne Girls School in Dorset.


What are your earliest sporting memories?


My earliest sporting memory is playing tennis with my then tennis coach Bill Threlfall (the Wimbledon commentator and long standing coach) at about the age of seven and thinking what a great game and what a great job he had. Having grown up in a sporty family and being exposed to different sports from an early age, I became what was known as a 'Sport Billy' at school, always badgering everyone for a game of tennis or a swimming race.


Who were your sporting heroes growing up?


My sporting heroes were always tennis players. I idolised Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova.


What are your best and worst sporting memories of school?


My best sporting memory at school would have been playing tennis on the grass courts in the summer term until it got too dark to play. My worst must have been cross Country in the winter in nothing but an airtex and a pair of big green pants.


Can you recall a memorable sporting teacher?


I had a hugely inspiring tennis coach at secondary school who made me think about coaching myself. My favourite and most inspiring teacher was Mrs Dow who I am still in touch with today.


What sports do you play these days? In what other ways do you stay healthy?


I still play tennis, swim and have taken up golf since leaving school which I love when I have the time. Skiing is also a favourite when I can.


What is your favourite sporting memory?


My favourite sporting memory was when I was head mini tennis coach at Sherborne Tennis Club and I saw all my little players develop from Mini Red Players into Orange, Green and so on, not one moment, just a build up over four years.


What’s been your most embarrassing sporting moment?


To this day I cringe when I remember the time I stood up on the podium in the middle of the ski piste to receive my medal from a ski slalom race, only to realise I had misunderstood the German and was then asked to step down. Cue one heartbroken nine year old.


What are your biggest sporting bugbears?


My biggest sporting bugbear is that only certain sports are televised on UK terrestrial TV when there is so much going on worldwide, let alone here in the UK.


When was the last time you cried at a sporting event?


I cried when during the Winter Olympics many times.


Which three sports people would you like to have around for dinner and why?


If I could invite three sportspeople for dinner, they would be.Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker and Sue Barker, as they would have many tales to tell of tennis back in the 70s and 80s and I would be in heaven. I might actually send out an invite and see.