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Lou Lindon is head of PE at Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth, having previously worked at Dorset’s Corfe Hills School.


She has represented England in javelin as a junior and U20, winning four English Schools titles.


After getting injured, she turned to weightlifting and powerlifting, realising she needed to get her body stronger to deal with the demands of top-level sports performance.


Within a short space of time, Lou made into onto the GB team, winning several British and Commonwealth titles – one highlight finishing sixth at the World Championships in 2014.


What school (s) did you go to?


Lytchett Minster School in Dorset


What’s your earliest sporting memory?


Multi events athletics Easter camps at Avonbourne School and Kings Park, Bournemouth.

It gave me a taste of the sport and I never looked back.


Who were your sporting heroes growing up?


I have always been a big Manchester United fan and fortunate to grow up in a golden era of the club. My favourite player was Ryan Giggs. I have huge respect for Alex Ferguson and the way he got the best out of the team and built a sense of family at the club.


What are your best and worst sporting memories of school?


My best was winning the county netball tournament. We had all grown up through school together and really developed as a team. It was a huge sense of achievement. My worst was dealing with injury during year 11, my GCSE year. It knocked my self-confidence and questioned my identity. But it shaped me and gave me a sense of perspective for which I am thankful for.


Can you recall a memorable sporting teacher?


I had some fantastic teachers at school across the board. The PE department at Lytchett were always very supportive of my athletics and I am grateful to their inspiration and dedication of the job. They played a huge part in inspiring me into the journey into teaching and where I am today.


What sports do you play these days?


HITT workouts/lifting weights and having a kickabout with my son and husband. I am itching to get back into competitive sport, perhaps this year. I can’t help myself but join in when I can at school. I aim to be a role model for students.


In what other ways do you stay healthy?


24,000 steps and having a three-year-old boy. Need I say any more?


What is your favourite sporting memory?


Winning the English Schools javelin title a few times. There is great commitment and hours of training and you have to deal with disappointment and injury. But there are great highs and lows. I also had great fun lifting weights and competing for GB in powerlifting.


What’s been your most embarrassing sporting moment?


The drugs testing procedure for sport. Not the nicest thing to do but I have always been totally supportive of it. Play true and clean.


What’s your biggest sporting bugbear?


Cheating. It’s so important to play fair and true.


When was the last time you cried at a sporting event?


Probably watching the World Athletics Championships this September and watching Katarina Johnson-Thompson finally win gold in the heptathlon. It was such a fantastic moment and a reflection of the determination and resilience she showed coming back from disappointment.


Which three sports people would you like to have around for dinner and why?


Jessica Ennis Hill because at training camps in Loughborough we used to sit next to each other in the ice bath. She is an inspiration having had her first child and then coming back to success afterwards. I take my hat off to her as a mother. She is an inspiration for women and girls of the future. Also Jason Robinson. I always admired the way he played at the top for England rugby and worked out his values and faith. And Giggsy of course.