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Nicky Head is head of girls’ games at Rydal Penrhos School in North Wales.


What school did you go to?


I went to Holyhead High School in North Wales. It was a large comprehensive school, where we had plenty of opportunity to take part in many different sports, including gymnastics, netball, hockey, rounders and athletics.


What is your earliest sporting memory?


Playing netball for my primary school. I remember our headmaster Mr Williams taking us to a netball tournament in his big silver Volvo, with all seven of us sitting in the back. Who needed a minibus? What health and safety? Risk assessments? How did they cope back then?


Can you recall a memorable sporting teacher?


Mrs Angharad Williams, who was passionate about sport and encouraged us to do our best. Mrs Kath Roberts, who played a pivotal role in my sporting career and taught me never to give up, and finally Mrs Pat Conium, she gave me so much encouragement and freedom to become involved in the department, with supporting and coaching the younger teams in the school.


Who were your sporting heroes when growing up?


I was a keen Liverpool supporter and I always thought Kenny Dalglish was a legend. Then came my love of athletics and Colin Jackson and Linford Christie become my heros. There were very few female role models as I was growing up.


What are your worst sporting memories of school?


When I was in year 8 I took part in the school athletics trials for the 100m. I finished in the top four and was asked to be part of the 4 x 100m team. I was given first leg and all I had to do was pass the baton to runner number two but didn’t and I was dropped from the team.


What are your best sporting memories of school?


Twelve months later I became the fastest girl in the whole school and gained my first Welsh vest.


What is your favourite sporting memory?


Representing Wales. I was lucky enough to be part of the same team as Christian Malcolm and Jamie Henthorn


What sports do you play now?


Unfortunately, due to ongoing knee and hip problems, my days of competitive sport are long gone. During our netball season the temptation to play is far too great and I jump on court to make up numbers.


In what other ways do you stay healthy?


Being a full-time teacher and a mum of four children leaves little time for other interests. But I like to go to Yoga classes.


What's been your most embarrassing sporting moment?


I was a member of Colwyn Bay Athletics Club and we were short of javelin throwers. All I needed was to throw 15 metres. But I only achieved 14.99 and wasn’t again.


What’s your biggest sporting bugbear?


When individuals do not give it their all or understand the importance of working for the team. I come across so many talented individuals who take their abilities for granted and do not believe they need to work or train as hard as others.


When was the last time you cried at a sporting event?


It would have been when I suffered an injury prior to the Island Games. I was due to compete in Gibraltar representing Ynys Mon in the 100m, 200m and long jump. But the week before I injured my hamstring, I couldn’t compete.


Which three sports people would you like to have around for dinner and why?


Leigh Halfpenny. Being a Welsh rugby supporter, I would love to chat to one of the world’s best kickers. Colin Jackson because he was my idol and Jessica Ennis Hill because she is so humble and it would be nice to hear about her journey.