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Ryan Garnsworthy was born and grew up in Melbourne, Australia and played lacrosse for his country from 2002 to 2010 - captained the bronze winning side at the world championships in 2010.


Ryan moved to the UK in 2011 to head up lacrosse at Sherborne Girls School in Dorset.


What schools did you go to?


I went to Williamstown Primary and Williamstown High School in Melbourne.


What’s your earliest sporting memory?


My earliest sporting memory is at junior school. The moment I heard that bell at the end of lunchtime break, I’d be off and running to be the first in line. I always had to be first for everything at school. There was a group of us who always competed to be at the front.


Who were your sporting heroes growing up?


My cousin Scott Garnsworthy was always my lacrosse hero. I can remember watching him at weekends and on film in the U19 Australian team. I wanted to follow his lead and play for Australia. I loved watching Michael Jordan (basketball) and Shane Warne (cricket) too. These two were legends of their game. I was drawn in by the level of their skill and wanted to replicate this in lacrosse.


What are your best and worst sporting memories of school?


My best sporting memory of school was the moment I found out I had qualified for a place in the state finals for the hurdles. I don’t have a worst memory as, despite being competitive by nature, it never mattered to me if I lost as long as I knew I had played my best and I always gave 100%. It never occurred to me not to.


Can you recall a memorable sporting teacher?


My first lacrosse coach ‘Raiders’. I credit a lot of my playing success to him. On joining the club, he managed to trick me into believing I was a natural left-handed player, so I spent the first few months playing on my non-dominant side. As a result I can now play lacrosse on my left just as well as my and right which is an extremely important skill to have in lacrosse.


What sports do you play these days?


I’m learning squash and I will play the odd lacrosse game for Timperley Lacrosse Club, but time does not always permit these days. I would like to play in some tournament lacrosse around Europe. I also cycle, swim and walk the dog to keep fit.


In what other ways do you stay healthy?


I eat well, sleep well and try to play some form of sport at least twice per week. Being a physical education teacher helps.


What is your favourite sporting memory?


My all-time favourite memory is running out to play my first ever game for Australia and singing the national anthem. I was 18 years old and it took place in Perth in 2002. When I think back to this moment I can still feel the nerves and remember the atmosphere, a memory and feeling I’ll never forget.  


What’s been your most embarrassing sporting moment?


I once ran onto the pitch to play a game without realising I had forgotten to put my gloves on. A spectator from the other team took the chance to heckle me. All good sport, but I’ve never forgotten my gloves since.


What’s your biggest sporting bugbear?


Athletes that have the skill but not the right attitude to succeed.


When was the last time you cried at a sporting event?


Playing for Williamstown Lacrosse Club. We had just won the grand final and it hit me that this was the last game I would play for them before moving to the UK.


Which sports people would you like to have around for dinner and why?


Shane Warne and Michael Jordan, my sporting heroes, because this would be an amazing mix of sportsmen and interest. I’d like to find out what it is that made them who they are, their paths to success and how much skill training they did as a kid.