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Amy Carter is a year 10 pupil at Laurence Jackson School and a member of the Cleveland Schools Athletic Team. She is the current north east champion for 80m hurdles.




I set my alarm for 6.30am to get ready for school where I am studying GCSE English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish and PE. My breakfast consists of cereal, wholemeal toast with Nutella and a banana. Monday is my night off training but I do some core training using a Swiss ball and medicine ball.




6.30am breakfast and school. I have GCSE PE for two hours where we do a varied range of sports like rounders , orienteering, handball and netball. After school I have a snack of fruit and an energy bar before my dad takes me to training with my coach at New Marske Harriers at 5pm.The first hour is hurdle training. After warm up transitions, I do two reps over one hurdle, two reps over three hurdles, three reps over five hurdles and two reps over eight. The next hour is sprint training with warm up and strides. I then do 3x120 sprints with three minute rests, 3x80m sprints with two minute rests and 3x60m sprints with two minute rests. I then do starts over 20-40m about three times.




6.30am breakfast and school. Once again I have two hours of PE with classroom work consisting of human muscles and bones, principles of training, benefits of training and sports performance pyramids. I am also studying for officiating at athletics events for my sports apprenticeship. It’s a rest day from training so I catch up with my homework and revision.




6.30am breakfast and school. After school my dad takes me training again for 5pm. There is a competition this weekend so I do 40m starts working on technique, starts over one hurdle and bounding. We also do core strength stability and conditioning using weights.




6.30am breakfast and school. It’s my night off so I do my homework and relax.




Inter counties competition for Cleveland against Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham for a midday start. I wake at 8am and have a breakfast of cereal, wholemeal toast and fruit. I arrive an hour before my event start time to allow me time to prepare. Having registered I warm up 40 minutes before my event going through my transitions set by my coach and focusing on my goal. I win the 80m hurdles, come third in the 100m and Cleveland win the 4x100m relay.




A day off because I had a competition yesterday. Otherwise I do a session from 10am-noon. The first hour is 4x200m with five minute rests between, 2x150m with five minute rests. The last hour is hurdle warm up, 2x1 hurdle, 2x3 hurdles, 3x5 hurdles and 3x8 hurdles.