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Annabel Denton is a pupil at Plymouth College and a talented pentathlete who represented Britain at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires


Annabel won gold at the U19 International Modern Pentathlon Trophy in Portugal in May 2018 aged only 14




I'm up at 6.30am for a threshold swim session before school. I'm doing my GCSEs this year so I need to make sure whenever I have free time and am not training that I revise and do my homework. During break and lunch, I shoot and have a fencing lesson with my coach. After school, I do an hour of hard running. Another two hours of fencing means I arrive home at 10pm.




I start off the day with swim training, followed by breakfast and then school. I tell my teachers I am going to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires so will be missing two and a half weeks of school. I need to make sure I am up-to-date with my school work which is very hard due to my intensive training programme. After shooting in my break time, I do an hour of laser run training and finish the day with a fencing lesson.




A morning off training means that my muscles are able to recover for a threshold swim session in the afternoon.  At lunchtime, I have a photoshoot with my teammates for the school.  I wear my GB Youth Olympic kit for a photo as well.  Following afternoon swimming, I have two and a half hours of fencing which means another late night.




A lie-in today means I am fresh for running, shooting and fencing in the afternoon. I do some of my homework in the morning as I won't have time tonight. Lessons are quite intense at the moment. However I think I am keeping on top of it. I know I can talk to my teachers if I feel I am struggling and they will help me to manage my workload effectively.




It is the end of a busy week of school and training. I get up early as usual for a tough swim session, followed by a one-hour laser run session in the afternoon. I am taken out of school today for a couple of hours to have some vaccinations I need to have for Buenos Aires.




I start off the day with a two-hour run session at my club.  After 10km of running, I rest and do some revision at home for my GCSEs.




No training today so I am fully rested for the upcoming week and another chance to catch up on my homework. I complete my weekly training log, a detailed description of my training for the World Class Talent Programme for Pentathlon GB.