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Archie Hunt is a talented footballer and pupil at Sherborne School in Dorset




After a good win against Millfield in the Football Wessex Independent Schools League, I can’t wait for the next match. It’s against Wells Cathedral School this weekend. This evening however, I have the small matter of trying to secure a win for my team in the House Futsal competition. A tight game but we come through 3-2. Victorious again. Hopefully a good sign for the weekend.




I have training this afternoon. The focus is on game management and adapting our play based upon the score, the amount of time left, the position on the pitch etc. It’s great fun. We start off small with some simple 1v1s and then progress during the session. Luckily my group accrue more points during the session so I don’t have to stay and pack up the equipment with Dr Manning and Mr Weale.




This afternoon after lessons I have a high-performance session which is provided for all the sports scholars. We get together and I learn about general sporting issues from strength and conditioning to nutritional requirements. Today is various team building tasks to encourage effective communication, something I need to work on. Afterwards Dr Manning and Mr Weale have clipped some of the footage of Saturday’s match against Millfield to coach us through. Thank goodness they don’t show the bit when I give the ball away.




Training again today and Dr Manning gives me a mini challenge to try to use my weaker foot as much as I can in the session. I like his mini challenges because it keeps me on my toes and they are targeted at me and what I need. Have to say though, I score a thumping volley in the practice match at the end.




I go to the gym just to stay loose for tomorrow and receive an email to tell me I have been selected for the game. I make sure I have everything packed in my bag ready for the morning. We are away, but it’s not too far.




I play at left back and have a good game today but it’s really frustrating. I don’t want to make excuses because Wells have got a good team this year. But our goalkeeper goes off injured in the first half which hampers us. We end up losing but I can’t wait until the return fixture when we will hopefully make amends.  My team Tottenham lose today as well so not a great day for football. At least my friends don’t joke about it too much as we watch Match of the Day in the TV room later that evening.




Rest today. It’s nice to have a late brunch and then have time to chill before getting my work done. I manage to find time for a leisurely swim though which helps to wake me up a bit.