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Caroline Lewitt is a year 11 pupil and a talented swimmer at Godolphin & Latymer School in London




5am wake up and a speedy breakfast smoothie and a banana with almond butter consumed in the car. Off to the pool until 7.45am then a second breakfast and school. An evening off from training tonight.




No early morning training but off to the pool at 4pm. It’s a long session too – three and a half hours, with two hours in the pool and one and a half hours in the gym. Home at 8.15pm for a protein rich dinner and bed.




Another crack of dawn wake-up for an early session in the pool followed by another one after-school until 7.15pm. I get some homework done during study periods and finish off when I get home.




I see a physiotherapist before school as I cannot afford an injury and given the demands that swimming places on the body, it is important to keep a careful watch on the mobility of all of my joints. More homework after school and early to bed.




Another double session day plus yoga from 4-5pm. We train in the water from 5-7pm before food and bed by 8.30pm.




We train in the water from 5.45-8am followed by an hour in the gym. Competition starts on Saturday so it’s really busy.




More competition today so a busy week all in all. I have trained for a total of 19 hours (water and land combined) and we attend about ten competitions per year with the end of the swimming year culminating in the British Championships at the end of July.