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Emily Williams is a year 8 pupil at Truro High School and a promising pentathlete, already ranked in the top ten in the UK for her age group.




After lunch I teach my friend Thea how do to high jump for sports day on Wednesday. At 3.45pm I leave straight from school with my mum to travel to Birmingham for the National Schools Athletic Championships. Arrive at hotel just outside Birmingham. Supper of sausages, mash and peas then 9.30pm bed.




We leave the hotel at 10.30am to get to the Alexander Stadium. The stadium has been used the week before for a major international athletic meeting so all the televisions and marquees are still up. We find our area, which is organised by Kelly College, and get my competition number 5. A ham sandwich for lunch then the girls’ U13 high jump with twelve other competitors. I clear 1.36m which is a personal best (PB) and puts me in sixth place. At 4.45 I am called up for the U13 800m race, I am in the first heat and do another PB at 2m33s and finished eight out of 22.  We leave the stadium at 6pm after stocking up with sandwiches, crisps and apples and arrive home at 10.30pm and go straight to bed.




Sports day. I am competing in the high jump and 800m. The high jump is first and I clear 1.41m - a personal best and a school record. The 800m is next. I run it in 2m47s, another school record. I am also down for the discus, which I hadn’t realised, but manage to throw 15.49m and come second. 8.30 supper of pasta with tomato sauce and a banana then bed.




Speech day and prize giving then a one hour drive to Porth Valley, Newquay for a Four Burrow Pony Club cross-country training session. The two hour session goes very well and I jump one of the scariest fences on the course, an unfinished bridge, which has a huge drop. Fish and chips on the way home then bed at 11pm.




Unload the tack from mum’s car, check the ponies and give them a brush. My sister’s birthday party so lunch of sandwiches, crisps, salad, strawberries and birthday cake. Then start packing for the school water sports trip to the Ardeche. We leave Sunday morning at 7.30 from school. There are several things I still need so mum has asked me to write a list.




Muck out stables and bring ponies in from field.  I then ride Airday. She’s only 13.2 hands high and a little small for me now but I have to keep her fit until my sister can ride her. A short run at 6pm then attempt some press-ups for my county netball summer training programme.




Check the ponies and brush them.  Run at a least a mile looking for my dog Noddy. At 6pm I have swimming training with the Four Burrow Pony Club at Truro School. We do about 45 lengths and work on our tumble turns.