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Gemma Townsend is a year seven pupil at Surbiton High School, who plays hockey, netball and football as well as .22 rifle shooting.




On Mondays I go to A team netball training at lunchtime unless it conflicts with my violin lesson. Today luckily it doesn’t. Usually I have more netball training at the school netball club after school as well but today we are supposed to play in the Harrodian Tournament. Unfortunately it is cancelled because of the rain. After netball, I go to Feltonfleet School, where I do .22 shooting with my coach Major Adcroft. I practise hard at shooting at an adult target and learn to support myself to set up which is challenging but fun.




No sport today so a bit of a quiet day.




We play a hockey match against St George’s today and it’s a big win for us as St George’s are good at hockey and there are quite a few girls who play in the St George’s team who I play hockey with at Surbiton Hockey Club. There is lots of rivalry but I score more goals today so am happy with my game.




I have a meeting with my academic mentor today to discuss my progress this term and try to balance my sport and academic commitments. Then after school I go hockey training until 6pm. The session is especially fun as we have a specialist goalie coach who also helps us outfield players so lots of goal shooting practice which is good as my favourite position is centre forward. I quickly change out of my sports kit then go and see the school musical Annie which is great fun.




Fridays are busy as my class have PE in the afternoon after break and this half term is netball. Last half term was hockey. After PE I go to football training and we practise for the next tournament which I hope I will be selected for as it is five-a-side. The school bus takes my friend Elani and I to Surbiton Hockey Club and one of our mums brings us a picnic supper as we have Friday night performance training from 7-8.30pm.




I am very excited to play in the Highgate Netball Tournament which my team the U12s win. It’s very cold when we get there after quite a long drive. But as we play more than eight matches we soon warm up. It’s a very good tournament and I really enjoy playing in it.




Today I play for Surbiton Hockey Club against Richmond U14s so the girls are quite a bit bigger. We win 8:2 but I am disappointed that I do not score more goals.