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Harrison King is a year 11 student at The FitzWimarc School in Essex, who plays rugby for Saracens.




My week starts with what I love best rugby. I go to Westcliff Rugby Club and we train and play a game. I have a different group of friends from the ones I have at school and we really enjoy ourselves. In the afternoon I chill out then make sure I’ve done any homework for Monday and Tuesday lessons.




After school my dad drives me to Allianz Park, the training ground for the Saracens Elite Player Development Group, where I belong to a different team. Training is from 6-9pm. As part of the EPDG, I receive expert rugby coaching and I get the opportunity to train and play games in the U16s and also the U18s Academy league, where I have the chance to play alongside England youth players. Occasionally during the first part of the rugby season, I attend Essex County training or a national training camp where selected Academy members receive specialist training from national rugby coaches.




Before school I attend the fitness suite as part of my strength and conditioning programme, which takes about 40 minutes.  I start my regular school day at 8.20am. After school I coach junior students and help organise game fixtures.




I have J.A.D. (junior athlete development programme) that lasts 40 minutes before school and have a one hour PE lesson during school time. Then I do my 40 minute pre-habilitation programme (stretching) after school. It’s a tiring day, full of stretching, but this conditioning helps me stay fit and ensures I recover quickly from fatigue and injury.




After school I go to Westcliff RFC training from 7-8.30pm and enjoy meeting up with friends from all the other local schools.




During a school break, I get a visit from either a coach/physiotherapist as part of the England Rugby Academy Programme. They run through tests with me and make sure I’m happy with how I’m progressing.




I just rest and chill out with my friends. We go to the cinema and hang out at the park.