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Jacob Brown is a pupil at Ashville College in Harrogate and a promising biathlete.




I wake at 6.30am and leave for school at 7.45am. During lunch I have an hour of basketball training, followed by rugby training straight after school from 4-5.15pm. Then it’s a quick dash home for homework before I am in the car for my first hour and a half swim session of the week.




A lighter day for training and no school sport. After lessons I go to a local gym to focus on my core strength and explosive power. It’s very important to have a strong core so that I can maintain my body position in the water. Finally, I attend a yoga class which helps me with relaxing, keeping my body flexible and preventing muscle injuries as I grow.




An hour of basketball at lunch followed by a swim session at school and a further one hour 30 minutes of swimming afterwards. A quick bite to eat is followed by my second gym session but this time it’s to focus on cardio.




An early start as I leave home at 5.25am to start swimming at 6am for an hour. Once school has finished, I eat my dinner in the car as I travel to the pool for my second swim session of the day. It’s important that I eat early so the food has time to digest before I get into the pool. Swimming finishes at 8pm and then it’s home for bed.




No early start but it’s still a tough day. First we undergo a gruelling two hour rugby/hockey training session during the day, followed by a one and a half hour session of basketball after school. I have an hour to eat before heading to the hardest swim session of the week. Two hours of the most challenging sets means I am more than ready for bed when I get home at 9.30pm.




A school rugby fixture today so I do swim training from 7.30am for a couple of hours and then straight to school. If I have a competition, either swimming or biathlon, I don’t do any training or compete in a fixture.




My day of rest as no competitions today. With no training or fixtures, it’s a day of homework, watching sports and getting in an early night ready for the training to start again the following week.