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Jojo Loxton is a hockey and rugby player and pupil at Notting Hill & Ealing High School




I wake up feeling a bit tired from all the sport I have played at the weekend. I have to give the weekly sports report to the whole school in assembly as this is part of my role as games captain. Today I also have to help deliver a sports assembly with all the PE representatives based on the theme of ‘firsts’. I talk about my first memories of playing sport competitively when I was selected for the year 5 netball team, my first PE lesson in secondary school when I had to do the bleep test and then my first memories of playing hockey and rugby. What a trip down memory lane and it’s only 9am. At lunchtime I have senior netball training and finish the day with psychology, which I find interesting because of its real life applications to sport and beyond. In the evening, I try to stretch and roll out my muscles which are sore from rugby the day before.




My alarm goes off at 6.45am and I am on the school astro pitch by 7.30am, coaching year 7 hockey, specifically the goalkeepers as that is the position I play. Coaching is a big part of my role as games captain and I love passing on my knowledge of the game to the younger girls. At lunchtime, I help out with year 8 hockey. This is a group I’ve been coaching for over a year and they have all progressed so much. Tuesday evenings are super busy. Today I have first team football training, which is a sport I find fun to play, but at the same time it is always a very tiring session. I then have Wasps Centre of Excellence rugby training from 5.45-7.45 then ladies hockey training from 8.30-10. I wouldn’t swap this packed evening of sport for anything else, I simply love the range of sports I play and am a part of.  




During my PE lesson, I take part in hockey with the school’s 1st XI, followed by a fixture and, although we don’t win, it’s really enjoyable and helps us bond as a team. Finally, I have rugby from 6.30-8.30 which is hard work but so much fun.




Today is my only day off sport. Once home, I take my dog Lola on a walk and it is nice to have an hour or so to myself and reflect on the week so far.




I start on the school astro at 7.40am with first team hockey training. Today we work on short corner routines and as a goalkeeper I love this as it means lots of hard shots are taken at me which is great practice. I love starting my mornings with sport. It sets the day up so well. Friday evenings are my night to go out with friends and tonight we are all going to the cinema and then to Wagamama’s for dinner.




Usually I play a ladies hockey match on a Saturday and, as we have just been promoted to the Middlesex Division 1 league, I really look forward to these matches. But today I’m not playing as I have been selected for Wasps Centre of Excellence for rugby. So one Saturday per month I have an all-day training session with the rugby squad. Today’s training is from 10am-5pm and includes a pitch-based session, a strength and conditioning session in the gym and a classroom session in which we discuss set plays.




9am and I am on the rugby pitch again. Today our session has been extended an extra hour because we have a match next week and we need to run through set plays. I absolutely love my rugby training at Grasshoppers RFC. The friends I have there are such lovely people and will genuinely be friends for life.