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Lilly Mould is a year 11 pupil at Priory School in Edgbaston and is on the high performance programme at Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club.


She is the reigning U18 national tennis champion (at 16 years old) and has represented the Great Britain team at both the 2017 Youth Olympics in Gyor and the European Winter Cup in Portugal this year.




I have a lie in this morning as it's a bank holiday….no school. Yay. I do some biology revision before heading off to the tennis club at 1.30pm. I do a tough two-hour squad working mainly on rhythm as tennis has been limited compared to usual during exam season. After this I fit in some quotes revision before hitting the gym for my weights session at 5pm. I get home and make sure I have a high protein meal and good recovery before heading off to sleep after some more biology revision.




I'm in school for 7.30am to complete maths practice papers as exams are looming in under a week. I complete a full day in school which is unusual. I complete another weights session at 5pm for an hour then head straight on court for a squad. We worked on patterns of play today. I head home for 8pm and complete a full cool down and then head to bed for an early night.




Tennis starts at 7.15am this morning. This session is 1hr 45m and consists of building round my forehand and patterns of play. I then quickly get changed and walk to school where I work until another tennis session at 1.30pm. This is a 2hr30m fitness combined session. After recovery I head home after an early finish. It's 5pm when I get home. I complete about three hours of revision during the evening before eventually falling asleep.




Today is my GCSE PE practical moderation day. I was called for table tennis out of my three sports (tennis, netball and table tennis). I hardly play table tennis except for downtime at tournaments when there is a table but I perform well and am ranked third out of ten students. It has been a long day hanging around so when I get home I do some PE theory revision and then have an early night.




Another tough day but a final push before the weekend. I start with four hours in school then go down to the tennis club. I train for two hours, mainly playing conditioned points which is hard work. I then head straight to the gym to do a cardio session. I do 1k time trials. I make sure afterwards that I complete a thorough cool down so I can still walk the next day. I get back home by 5pm and do some biology practice papers.




I take today as my day off. I go into town to the library and do some specific revision for English literature.




Today I have a national match for my club. I win my singles 6-1 6-1. I am very pleased with how I play considering how little I have played recently. I then team up with my friend to win the doubles also. This takes up most of the day but when I get home I do even more revision for my RE exam. I decide to get an early night as I have my first written GCSE tomorrow…the real fun then begins.