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Lottie Trevethan is a pupil at The Downs School, Malvern and a keen modern pentathlete




I train very hard in the sport of modern pentathlon which is running, swimming, fencing, shooting and riding and Monday is one of my busiest days. Double netball lesson at school is followed by tag rugby then homework and off to an hour of land training followed by an hour and a half of swim training. I swim for Ledbury Swim Club and my coaches there have really helped me improve my times recently.




Gymnastics at school today and a riding lesson afterwards. I am lucky enough to have my own pony Dylan but fitting all my sport in and keeping up with my schoolwork is always a balancing act. Luckily the school are very understanding and supportive. I have had Dylan for three years and he is absolute the best pony ever. I have a lovely riding teacher called Issy who gives me lessons most weeks to help improve all the elements of my riding.  She is very keen on dressage. I like it too but I like jumping as well. I am practising my shooting today as it is the weakest of my five disciplines. My dad has set up a target to practice on at home. I think it might have made the neighbours a bit nervous but I'm honestly not that bad.




School netball match today then off to ride Dylan again. We love the lighter evenings. I'm off to my fencing club in Malvern tonight. They are all so kind and supportive there. I get lots of useful tips from everyone. There is so much to learn with fencing. Tonight I was talking to a lovely man who was a commonwealth pentathlete. It’s nice to hear from someone who had experience in the sport.




Cross country run today at school. I love my running so I find it fun. It's been a good season for me as I have won gold at the district trials and also at the West Mercian School Championships. Off to swim training tonight for an hour and a half. I'm working hard at my swimming and it is paying off as I swam a lifetime best of 32.88 in the 50m freestyle at the county championships recently.  




Double netball today at school and swim training again this evening. I am really pleased to receive an email saying I have been picked by the county selectors to represent Worcester at a swim gala.  Big shout to my swim coaches Lawrie, Stephen, Bev and Viv for helping me improve so much recently.




Time for some shooting practice before I go off to school for fencing practice. Then a lovely jumping lesson with Dylan in the sunshine. Nerves kicking in a bit as this time in a couple of weeks I will be competing at the national schools biathlon championships at the Olympic Park and swimming in the Olympic pool. Brilliant opportunity for me but I do get really nervous.




Off to Wycliffe College where I train on the Pentathlon GB development days. We have such a good time and get coached by amazing people in swimming, running, riding and fencing. I have a very busy life but I love the sport of modern pentathlon and my aim is to compete for my country in the next few years.