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Matthew Lyons is a year 9 student at South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire who plays football, badminton and his main sport of swimming.




A rare Monday sleep in. No morning training due to a competition at the weekend. At lunch I have 45 minutes of badminton in the sports hall. After school I get picked up and head straight for John Charles Centre for Sport Aquatic Centre in Leeds which is 45 minutes away. We have to arrive half an hour early to do stretching before the session. Tonight is the annual monthly kick test we do in which I am one of the quickest in the squad. We then do a one hour 30 session with 1500m warm up and a tough short rest breaststroke session. In total we do 4500m.




Straight to Leeds after school for swimming training after school. Before my main session, I have an hour’s gym session where we work on full body strength by doing some back weighted squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. After gym, I do 30 minutes stretching and go in the pool. The session is a tough one. We do a 1000m warm up followed by a main set of 7x400m individual medley with five seconds recovery. After that we do a 1000m kick set and 200m recovery. In total it is 5000m.




At lunch today I have table tennis for 45 minutes followed by games where we do rugby. Later I have swimming training again and we do one hour 30 minutes. Wednesday is our key sprints night and we all race each other over a series of different strokes. Afterwards we do 30x50m butterfly on some very quick times which push our physical boundaries to the max. At the end of the session we do a kick set of 500m. 4500m in total




I wake up at 3.45am ready for training at 4.45am for 15 mins stretching. We swim a long freestyle set between 5am-7am doing 5000m in total. After school I head to Leeds again for a gym session and another tough swim session in which we do 4500m - 9500m in total.  




Training is two hours today and our most difficult night. We do a long and difficult 10x400m freestyle set with the last one at maximum effort. In total we do 6200m, our biggest meters this week despite our competition tomorrow.




Up at 6am ready for a full day of competition ahead. After breakfast and arriving at the pool for 7.30, I warm up before my first 400m race in which I get a two second PB. After lunch, I have 200m freestyle and 100m freestyle in which I get one second PBs in both. We leave the pool at 5.45pm.




I wake at 6am ready for another long day at poolside. First today is my hardest and longest event of the weekend, 1500m freestyle. It’s the first time I’ve done this but I qualifiy for the ASA north-east championships. I also have 400m freestyle and 200m individual medley events in which I get three and one second PBs in respectively. To bed early ready for training again in the morning.