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Mollie Rouse is a 15-year-old pupil at Stratford upon Avon School, who also plays football for Aston Villa and England.


She recently took time out from her studies to take part in the UEFA U17 Euro finals.




An important day for our England squad today in the European Women’s U17 championships. We need a win after losing to Italy 1-0 and beating Austria 2-1. My school came to watch and were really supportive. Luckily we beat Portugal 6-1 after a good performance and I opened the score around the tenth minute.




It’s the day after the game and it’s a rest day at St Georges Park. It’s a very good home base for the squad here and we love the facilities it supplies us.




Today we prepare for the game against Spain tomorrow. We have a light training session with an ice bath following it. The ice bath is a good way for us to recover and it’s a crazy experience.




Semi-final against Spain. We face a strong opponent and fight hard against them. However the game doesn’t go our way and we lose 3-0. Still it was a great experience to face one of the best teams in Europe.




We now rest after the very tiring game against Spain. We are now playing for third place which is a World Cup qualifying spot in Costa Rica. But first we have to lift our feet up as we have had four games and we are starting to feel achy.




A lot of preparation today. Once again one training session with an ice bath after. We are facing Italy again and are determined for a win as they scraped a goal in the last five minutes when we played them in the group stage.




Last day of the Euros. We pack our bags and take it on the bus as we go home with our parents after the game. I feel nervous as it’s the final game and I want to qualify for the World Cup. It was end to end football for both teams with nothing between them but no goals were scored. This lead to penalties which sadly didn’t go our way. We came fourth out of eight teams in this year’s Euros, which was better than everyone expected and we never gave up. Now I get to go home after the best experience of my life. I am happy to see my school friends, Villa team and family. However I will miss this a lot.