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Nathan Symons is a pupil at Bristol Metropolitan Academy and a promising basketball star, having represented Wales recently at the U16 European Championships




I’m up at 6am for a 7am training session with the other national players at school. It’s the first day back following the national schools’ Finals in Manchester where our teams came first and second so everyone is showing off medals and talking non-stop about the games. Later I head over to Cardiff for a training session with the Welsh national U16 team.




A quick breakfast at home followed by MET team practice at school. I have to speak with my teacher about being away from school for ten days with the Welsh team in San Marino. After school I get changed for training with Bristol Flyers this evening. It’s a good session.




Team training early then a photo shoot so we can raise awareness for our MET basketball trip to San Francisco next year. I miss my PE lesson today as I have a MET training session as part of the basketball programme that we have at school. Lessons for the rest of the day then I head over to Cardiff again to train for a couple of hours with the Welsh team.




In school for 7am for individual practice. The basketball programme ensures that we all get a lot of individual as well as team attention. Lessons are busy and a bit stressful due to exams but I get them done and think I’ve done OK. I miss my Bristol Flyers training session tonight as it’s the vest presentation evening in Wales.




It’s the end of a busy school week, I’m training early as normal and my coach finds the time to talk to me about my upcoming tournament in San Marino. It is thanks to him that I tried out for the Welsh national team in the first place. We discuss what it might be like and how tough it might be.




I pack for San Marino then head over to Cardiff where my coach runs an individual training session for me for 1.5 hours. When I get home I check everything is ready for me to go to the FIBA European Championships.




I meet the Welsh team bus at the services on the M4 and we head to the hotel at Heathrow. On the bus I have time to think. I hadn’t really played much basketball at all when I started at Bristol MET in year 7 and here I am at the end of year 10 having gone with the MET team to the national schools’ finals and now heading off to the Euros in San Marino as part of the Welsh national team.