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Rosie Bartlett is a year 10 sports scholar at Truro School in Cornwall




At break time, I am invited along with other sports scholars to interview candidates for the new position of director of sport. It is an opportunity to listen to their ideas regarding the advancement of sport. Before lunch, I have elite performers (a strength and conditioning group). We complete agility work for 20 minutes, concentrating on speed and change of direction. I then go for a 45 minute gym session and do a tough, power circuit and push the weights. Netball requires a lot of speed and lower leg power. After school I go to rounders club from 4 to 5pm.




No sport at school today. I leave ten minutes early to miss the traffic and travelled two hours to Exeter for a Team Bath netball academy session. We start the session with some conditioning, then we do a shooting workshop, focussing on overloading a defender and screening in the circle by working with the GS. We also practise as a GA giving the diagonal ball to pocket. I travel home after 8.15pm and do maths and chemistry revision in the car.




Wednesday afternoon activities where we can unwind and do something we love like art, sport, drama, surfing. I chose athletics. I work on my sprint start and we do middle distance, repeating 400m three times with a short interval between reps. I then rotate to long jump and triple jump, focussing on my run up and movement through the air.




I have games from 2-3.45pm. I practise hurdles with a friend for the following days athletics competition. After this I join in rounders for a fun game then leave for a fixture against Penair, a local school. We win 14 ½ to 7. Then it’s home for school work and revision.




Today I have a school athletics competition. I compete in the 300m, long jump and the 4x100m relay. I finish second place in the 300m with a time of 47 seconds and third in long jump, with 4.22 metres. I then volunteer for year 6 hockey for my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award from 4-5pm followed by a presentation evening at my netball club (Saints Cornwall).




An early 5.30 wake up as I’m off to a netball academy day at Bath University. We start with some skills with a rugby ball which is very beneficial for my netball for things like quick release and variation of pass. We then do an overview of defending, concentrating on body angle and restricting players. After lunch we do a three-way rotation between physio, strength and conditioning and a court session. Physio is interesting as we learn to tape an ankle effectively and what to do and eat before, during and after a match or training. I arrive home at 11pm and go straight to bed.




A lie in today followed by a catch-up on work and revision. In the afternoon I go mountain biking at Cardinham Woods with my dad. We do a six-mile route and I use it for some cross fitness for netball.