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Sienna Rushton, 15, is a pupil at Oundle School and already plays for England’s U19 netball team




It’s all about fitness and skills today At lunch time, I practise shooting, which I always find quite fun (if it goes well). I have first team training all evening and we work on lots of match play as our national rounds start in two weeks. After this the whole team do a brief but intense running session and half an hour in the gym doing circuits.




We have hockey in the afternoon which is a really fun session with a small but enjoyable game. Hockey is useful as it provides another way of keeping fitness levels up and is great to have a go at different sports from time to time. I then have a running session, which is always tricky, but if you have some really good music they always seem easier. Aiming to keep my accuracy up I go down the lane to put some more shots up before prep.




Community action and DofE takes up the afternoon on a Wednesday after morning lessons, so it’s always tricky fitting in training. Luckily the staff are very accommodating and accept that I may arrive late or have to leave early. I have a weights session today and some of my friends come along from hockey so we make it an enjoyable session. Once the season is up and running, I will take a journey to my local club Turnford and train with them there.




After lessons, I have an hour of hockey and manage to fit in some weights and wall ball. Wall ball is lots of fun and I find it really benefits my game with stronger more accurate passes. I also have a swimming session before lunch for my GCSE PE grade where we are timed in all our strokes.




My rest day and it’s always fun to have a break. As the season progresses, I will have Wasps U21 training on Fridays. We had a great season last year so hopefully it will continue.




Saturday school always makes everybody groan but the lessons are shorter and we have school matches in the afternoon. Occasionally I have Turnford matches on a Saturday with my age group to practice for nationals coming up in March but today it’s a school hockey match against rivals Oakham. I love my hockey matches but it’s not to be today and we lose. The weekend is when I get to see my parents as they come up from home to see my matches. As always it’s lovely to see them on the sidelines and afterwards.




We get to lie in until 10am. I go for a run with some friends to practise for the upcoming school cross country. The premier league for netball has started but this week we have a week off. Turnford is in premier league 2 and we are aiming to move up this season.