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Sophie Langman is a pupil at the Royal High School, Bath and a talented all-rounder




It's Monday morning and my sports kit is packed for another busy week. I leave the house at 8am and won't be returning again until 10pm. After a few hours of draining lessons, I gather the energy for lunch time cross country club in preparation for the upcoming national schools biathlon championships. I stay in kit throughout my afternoon lessons ready for a quick dash up to Bath University for hockey club. With a rather speedy one hour break after hockey, I refuel and fit in some GCSE revision before diving into the pool for a gruelling training session with Bath Dolphins.




A quieter day up until 4pm where I attend netball training with the school team in preparation for regionals. I enjoy working as a team and improving from receiving constructive criticism from our coaches. After the quick team talk at the end of the session my taxi driver mum comes with hot dinner in the car ready for another two hour swimming session at the uni.




I look forward to working again with our school netball team. Our team spirit is at its peak as we focus on our regional competition. At the end of the school day I get home for my first evening meal at home of the week. But don't relax too much, I'm off again at 5.30pm to attend netball training, this time with Team Bath Netball Club. We train hard for matches every Sunday as we aim to come top in the league at the end of the season.




Thursday usually gives me a day off sport during school and time to catch up on homework. But today I’m heading to UWE in Bristol after a 45 minute drive for county netball. This is based on more individual improvements, which I could then take back to both the school team and my Team Bath Team. Unfortunately, attending netball does mean missing out on a valuable swimming training session, so some weeks I switch to keep both sports in balance.




Swimming, running, hockey and netball are my more competitive sports, but who doesn't love a bit of tennis. We have a knock around in the lunchtime tennis club, making sure our skills are top notch to secure wins for the school matches. If only I had more time for tennis I'd love to take it to a higher level. Friday after school I head to swim training for the final session of the week. We perfect our dives ready for the National Arena League next week, where I have the 100m butterfly to look forward to, along with the relays.




I compete in both school and Team Bath matches and swimming galas and county, regional, national, whatever the level, I give 100% effort and perform to the best of my ability, for both myself and the team.




I enjoy every second of each of the sports I compete in. With national and regional events coming up in netball, biathlon and swimming, I focus on perfecting my sports but also balancing my school work and socials with friends. Without sport I would be lost.