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Sophie Pennick is a pupil at Heathfield School in Ascot




My busy week kicks off early in the morning with a double period of GCSE theory lessons. The rest of my PE class and I umpire the younger years netball matches to gain more knowledge of the game and to practise for our GCSE. I go to the gym after school to get some exercise to get fit for lacrosse.




At the end of the day I have a double session of lacrosse. We have to train extra hard this week as we are representing the school at the nationals. I am also being assessed for my lacrosse GCSE.




I have the option of going to the gym to work on my fitness. I also have my GCSE PE practical lesson and we work on skills in lacrosse or another chosen sport. To finish the day, I have a netball match against local schools and this week it’s the U16 Ascot schools tournament.




I have lessons all through the day. But to end the day I get some fresh air on the pitch in my lacrosse double training session. Straight after this I then have a netball training session after school to get in some extra practise in my shooting skills and to practise with my teammates.




I don’t have a PE lesson but have a double free study period after lunch break and plenty of free time after school to go to the gym.




Every weekend there is a lacrosse match at ten in the morning which we have to be bright and buzzy for. We play against many local schools as well as tougher oppositions out of the area.




Sunday is my time to relax and catch up on work and be prepared for the following week. I also would go to the gym to work on my fitness.