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Stefano Mitchell is a performance swimmer and pupil at Plymouth College




I get up at 6am for a swim training session. It’s the beginning of my first full week back into training after the summer, so it’s thrilling to get back into the pool. I take the sports Baccalaureate course and I go straight into lessons at 8.50am after having breakfast in the dining hall. I have a two-hour gym session later in the day which includes various tests.




I wake at 6am again for my morning swim session.  After breakfast, it’s my sports Baccalaureate class and I go coasteering for the school day as part of the practical side of the course.  After school, I attend a squad meeting about upcoming competitions.




I have breakfast at 7.50am, followed by a school prefect meeting at 8.20am about the organisation of duties and tours.  I also meet with my swim coach, director of swimming, Robin Armayan, discussing my goals, training commitments and upcoming important competitions for this year’s swimming season.   In the afternoon I have a swim session followed by a gym session.




Usual early morning swim training before breakfast and school.  In between my lessons I have my individual photo taken for the year.  After lunch, I have my afternoon swim training session.  I go back to boarding after my session to do my homework and rest.




I’m up at 6am for morning swim training.  I also have afternoon swim practice, followed by trials for the relay team.  I enjoy this a lot as it’s an opportunity to see where I currently am in terms of times.  Coach Robin and I also take the opportunity to try out other strokes like breaststroke, which is successful.




I have a morning swim session from 6.45am to 8.00am followed by a late breakfast. In the afternoon I rest and do some work on my university applications. In the evening, I attend an awards evening.




A lie-in today with breakfast at 10am.  I use this day for recovery by eating and resting. I also do some schoolwork and watch a film.