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Thomas Goodchild is a year 8 pupil at Danes Hill School in Surrey.




Wake up at 6.30am, have a large glass of juice and water, fry some eggs and heat baked beans. We have games today and are doing football, where we start with fitness work before playing a match. I play right mid and luckily this is my favourite position. Back home, I do homework and head for a one-hour swimming lesson. I arrive back home at 9pm




5.30 start. Read then porridge with lots of honey and fruit. We have our once-a-week swimming lesson where we do time trials. At 4.40pm, off to pre-rugby tour training until 6pm. We are going on a school tour to Belfast during half term and will be playing against two local schools.  We went to Dublin last year and it was great fun. My favourite position is flanker as I love tackling and rucking. I also play for my club where I generally play second row, as we do not have flankers yet. Rugby is possibly my top sport as I find it most exhilarating.




Football match today against local rivals Shrewsbury House. Match finishes with us losing four nil, but the game was much tighter than this. I head home for dinner and some homework. At 7pm I am dropped off at a local swimming pool for an hour swim training This has been my swimming training venue for the last four or five years. This session is always quite fun, ending with diving before the 8pm finish. Sadly, I have a migraine so I postpone my remaining homework.




Up at 6pm and have a big breakfast of porridge, followed by fried eggs and baked beans. I need a big breakfast which should see me through walking up Box Hill for a geography field trip. Afterwards I go to my local rugby club Cobham for training from 6.30 to 7.30pm.




In the evening, I take up the opportunity to have a shooting lesson at Bookham Rifle Club. After this I come home and chill in front of the TV.




Porridge with honey for breakfast and some mango. Then I head to school for a football match at 10.30am. I come home and do all my prep then visit my friend and play football in the garden. After this I go for an intense 90-minute cricket net session which will run throughout the autumn and spring term in preparation for next summer season. I love batting but I am currently probably a better bowler and fielder than batsman. I am hoping to get selected for the Surrey performance/county squad, but only 80 people out of 1200 will be selected for this year’s performance squad which has been cut down from 160 in prior years.




Off to a triangular rugby fixture today between Cobham, Guildfordians and Weybridge Vandals. Luckily, it’s a home fixture so it’s only a mile down the road. The triangular tournament lasts for a couple of hours then home, bath, cycling around the estate. homework, TV and bed.