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Yasmin Austridge is a pupil at Hayes School in Bromley and an England U19 steeplechase athlete.




A recovery day includes stretching, a swim and a short 30-minute run following a hard session and race at the weekend.  It’s a full day of school (four periods before lunch) so I do my training in the afternoon at my club and gym.




Double A Level PE with some practical core work then a training session on the track after school with 8x3 minute reps with 90 second jog recovery and 4x90 seconds with 60 seconds jog recovery. This session is a shorter, faster one during track season with 200m, 400m, 600m, 400m, 200m.




I finish lessons at lunchtime so it gives me the opportunity to do a gym session squats with weight - 4 x 8 reps (27kg, 30kg, 32kg and 35kg), bench 4 x 8 reps, then calf raises, single leg squats and step ups (3 x 10 reps), a core circuit including spider plank, med twists, ins and outs, ankle taps, crunchies, hip lifts x 3 sets, then balance ball and stretching to a finish. A run is 30mins at a steady pace, eg 7.30 minute mileing.




A full day of school with six periods. I leave at 4pm, go home for some early dinner and carry out another track, grass or road session. The intensity depends on whether I have a race on the upcoming Saturday, either a fartlek of five minutes hard/tempo, 90 seconds easy (x5) or a 30-minute road run with a faster twelve minutes in the middle.




A complete rest day and I have a lighter timetable with only two lessons so I get to enjoy socialising with friends, catch up on some coursework. I will do a light session with stretching, massage or foam roller work if I am racing the next day.




It’s a busy day with a 5km park run (5km) followed by a 4km road run.




A long active warm up with hurdle drills. Then 400m and 800m fast (x3) with 60 seconds recovery between each rep and five minutes between each set. Then a circuit session and stretching with medicine ball drills. Afterwards I drink a homemade smoothie packed with protein and the nutrients I need to recover effectively. During track season (summer), I do more hurdle and speed training, whereas in the winter (cross country season) I do more mileage/hills. My coach makes sure that all of my training is flexible, taking into account exams, work, and energy levels etc.