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Zoe Thomas is a pupil at Farmor’s School in Gloucestershire and a talented netball and hockey player.




Today is my first week back to netball training. I play for Moredon Netball Club and we train every Monday. Because of Covid, we only have 50-minute sessions instead of an hour and a half. We train at St Joseph’s College, Swindon. Due to new rules, we mainly do fitness and running and only used the balls for passing techniques. Because I play the GA position for my club, I also practise some shooting and change of direction.




I don’t have a club on a Tuesday so I run two laps around the small block in Blunsdon for about 30 minutes instead. Later on, in the evening, I practise netball shooting in the garden. After being told by my netball club, I now have to try to do at least 200 goals every day and each week it increases.




Today I have women’s hockey training for my club Royal Wootten Bassett. I only started playing hockey a few weeks before lockdown so haven’t been playing there very long. Our training moved to Wootten Bassett Academy after a brand-new pitch was laid. I’ve now been accepted into the team and have my first match next Saturday. I find this harder with more experienced players but it challenges me more mentally and physically.




I would normally have satellite netball training on a Thursday but, because of Coronavirus, that still hasn’t yet started again.




I do a fitness circuit containing ten different exercises, including bicep curls, sprinting, netball shooting and squat jumps. Later myself and my family went on a small walk around Blunsdon village.




In the morning I go to junior training for Royal Wootton Bassett Hockey Club for an hour and practise different passes used in match play. Straight after, I play an interclub hockey match with the women’s team from Wednesday night. I play up front with full time and a full pitch, something I’ve never done before. It’s an exciting game although the final score is 0-0.




I just go on a small walk around Blunsdon with my dad as I an exhausted and achy from training and the match yesterday.