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British Schools Artificial Slopes Championships (Pontypool) 2009


Boys: 1st – St Alban’s School; 2nd – Chaucer Technology School; 3rd – Reed’s School A; 4th – St Peter’s High School; 5th – Clitheroe Royal Grammar School; 6th – Framingham Earl HS; 7th – Berkhamsted School; 8th – Reed’s B; 9th – Princethorpe College; 10th – Cowbridge A; 11th – George Heriot’s School; 12th – Edinburgh Academy; 13th – High School of Glasgow; 14th – Penicuik HS; 15th – George Watson’s School; 16th – Lasswade HS; 17th – King Henry VIII School


Girls: 1st – Surbiton HS B; 2nd – Framingham Earl HS; 3rd – George Heriot’s School; 4th – Reed’s School; 5th – Birkdale School; 6th – Surbiton HS A; 7th – Abbot’s Hill School; 8th – Millfield; 9th – Dr Challoner’s HS; 10th – Craigholme School; 11th – Mary Erskine School; 12th – Cowbridge A; 13th – St Alban’s HS A; 14th – Beeslack CHS; 15th – Abbey Gate College; 16th – High School of Glasgow; 17th – Rydal Penrhos; 18th – Lasswade HS; 19th – St Alban’s HS B; 20th – Dollar Academy; 21st – Howells School


British Schools Ski Championships 2008


Boys: 1st – Sir Joseph Williamson’s School; 2nd – Cowbridge Comprehention School; 3rd – Reed’s School; 4th – St Albans School; 5th – Stewarts Melville School; 6th – George Watsons College; 7th – Millfield School; 8th – George Heriots School; 9th – Berkhamsted Collegiate School; 10th – Dollar Academy; 11th – The High School of Glasgow; 12th – The Edinburgh Academy; 13th – Christleton High School; 14th – Penicuik High School; 15th – Alva Academy; 16th – Cowbridge Comprehensive School; 17th – The Portsmouth Grammar School; 18th – Abbey Gate College; 19th – St Peter’s High School; 20th – Rydal Penrhos; 21st – King Henry V111 School; 22nd – Firrhill High School


Girls: 1st – Surbiton High School; 2nd – Sheffield High School; 3rd – Cowbridge Comprehensive School; 4th – Thomas Telford School; 5th – Surbiton High School; 6th – George Heriots School; 7th – Beeslack High School; 8th – Mary Erskine School; 9th – Millfield School; 10th – Surbiton High School; 11th – St Albans High School; 12th – Abbot’s Hill School; 13th – Firrhill High School; 14th – Penicuik High School; 15th – Kilgraston School; 16th – Simon Langton Girls School; 17th – The High School of Glasgow; 18th – Abbey Gate College; 19th – High School of Dundee; 20th – George Watsons College; 21st – St. Albans High School; 22nd – Cowbridge Comprehensive School B


English Schools Ski Championships 2008


Open Final


Boys: 1st – St Albans School; 2nd – Sir Joseph Williamsons School; 3rd – Reed’s School; 4th – Berkhamsted Collegiate School; 5th – Chaucer Tech School; 6th – Millfield School; 7th – St Peter’s High School; 8th – Reed’s School; 9th – Clitheroe Royal Grammar School; 10th – Rednock School; 11th – Christleton High School; 12th – Cliff Park High School; 13th – Harrow School; 14th – St Albans School; 15th – Abbey Gate College; 16th – Hampton School; 17th – The Portsmouth Grammar School; 18th – The Royal grammar School; 19th – Mount Grace School


Girls: 1st – Surbiton High School/ Surbiton High School B; 3rd – Hayes School; 4th – Thomas Telford School; 5th – Simon Langton School; 6th – Abbey Gate College; 7th – Sheffield High School; 8th – Dr. Challoner’s High School; 9th – Millfield School; 10th – St. Albans High School; 11th – Abbots Hill; 12th – Cheltenham College; 13th – St Albans High School B; 14th – Surbiton High School


U19 Boys: 1st – St Albans School; 2nd – Sir Joseph Williamsons; 3rd – Berkhamsted Collegiate School; 4th - Reed's School


U19 Girls: 1st – Surbiton High School; 2nd – Thomas Telford School; 3rd – Sheffield High School; 4th – Hayes School


U16 Boys: 1st Reed’s School; 2nd – Rednock School; 3rd – Bedford Modern School; 4th – Bedford Modern School B


U16 Girls: 1st – Surbiton High School; 2nd – Surbiton High School B; 3rd – Queen’s School; 4th – Pate’s Grammar


U14 Boys: 1st – Princethorpe College; 2nd – Mount Grace School; 3rd – Gayhurst School; 4th – Cranmore School


U14 Girls: 1st – Cheltenham School; 2nd – Surbiton HIGH School; 3rd – Abbots Hill; 4th – St Albans High School


U12 Boys: 1st – Aldwickbury School; 2nd – The Grange junior School; 3rd – Cranmore School; 4th Surbiton Prep School


U12 Girls: 1st – Ipswich High School; 2nd – Surbiton High Junior School; 3rd – Otterbourne Primary School; 4th – Cheltenham Junior College


Mixed U19/U16: 1st – The Cooper’s Co & Coborn School; 2nd – Birkdale School; 3rd – St John’s School; 4th – Framlingham Earl High School


Mixed U14/U12: 1st – Crackley Hall School; 2nd – East Herrington Primary School; 3rd – Abbey Gate College; 4th – Gad’s Hill

British Schools Ski Championships


Boys Team: 1st – Cowbridge; 2nd – St Albans; 3rd – Olchfa; 4th – Reed’s; 5th – Alva Academy; 6th – St Albans B; 7th – Kirkbie Kendal; 8th – George Watson’s; 9th – George Heriot’s; 10th – Berkhamsted; 11th – St Peter’s HS; 12th -  High School of Glasgow; 13th -  Argyle House; 14th – King’s Rochester; 15th – Edinburgh Academy; 16th – Dollar Academy; 17th – Cowbridge B; 18th – St David’s B; 19th – St David’s College; 20th – Cliff Park HS


Girls Team: 1st – Hayes School; 2nd – Sheffield HS; 3rd – Thomas Telford; 4th – Cowbridge; 5th Surbiton HS B; 6th – Rochester GGS; 7th – George Heriot’s; 8th – Abbey Gate College; 9th – Pate’s GS; 10th - George Watson’s; 11th – Beeslack CHS; 12th – Millfield; 13th – Simon Langton GS; 14th -  Queens, Chester; 15th – Mary Erskine; 16th – HS of Glasgow; 17th – Abbot’s Hill; 18th – Dr Challoner’s; 19th – Rydal Penrhos; 20th – Cooper’s Company & Coborn; 21st – Ysgol Glan Taf; 22nd – Peebles HS


Boys Individual: 1st – Taylor Waters (Olchfa); 2nd – Tom Hales (Cowbridge); 3rd – Gerard Flahive (St Albans); 4th – Ashley Richards (Olchfa); 5th – Ian Williams (Cowbridge); 6th – Ashley Hill (Kirkbie Kendal); 7th – Dan Evans (Argyle House); 8th – Scott Sanger (Cowbridge); 9th – Niall Flahive (St Albans); 10th – Cameron Gunn (George Watson’s); 11th – Alistair Stirling (Alva Academy); 12th – James Grant (Berkhamsted); 13th – Jamie Reid (Reed’s); 14th – Blaire Laidlaw (George Watson’s); 15th – Sean Mavor (Currie HS); 16th – Max Greenfield (St Alban’s B); 17th – Gordon Gibson (Currie HS); 18th – George Harris (Reed’s); 19th – George Goldberg (St Albans); 20th – Kaigan Witts (Clitheroe RGS)


Girls Individual: 1st – Abby Clifford (Thomas Telford); 2nd – Emily Evans (Rochester GGS); 3rd – Alice Hales (Cowbridge); 4th – Stacey Luck (Hayes School); 5th – Hannah Parker (Sheffield HS); 6th – Georgia Luck (Hayes School); 7th – Olivia Parker (Sheffield HS); 8th – Fern Barker (Pate’s GS); 9th – Alice MacAuley (Surbiton HS B); 10th – Imogen Yardley (Sheffield HS); 11th – Joanna Llewellyn (Hayes School); 12th – Aileen Patterson (George Herriot’s); 13th – Thea Lawson (Radyr); 14th – Jessica Pitcher (Surbiton HS B); 15th – Mary Denning (Surbiton HS B); 16th – Lottie Mayer (Queen’s, Chester); 17th – Emily Hopkins (Cowbridge); 18th – Lyndsey McGhee (George Watson’s); 19th – Lorna Cunningham (Beeslack CHS); 20th – Katie Willis (Surbiton HS B)