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School Sport Magazine National Schools U15 T20 Girls Cricket Cup 2019


Group A1: St Peter’s Catholic High School Wigan bt Fallibroome Academy by seven wickets; Ormskirk School v St Peter’s Catholic High School Wigan; Fallibroome Academy v Ormskirk


Group A2: Wakefield Girls High School 114-3 (Frances Lonsdale 50no) bt Ripon Grammar School 84-7 (Izzy Butley 2-8) by 30 runs; Wakefield Girls High School (Leah Davis 41) bt Sedbergh School (Frances Lonsdale 4-9) by 53 runs; Ripon Grammar School v Sedbergh School


Winner of Group A1 v Wakefield Girls High School


Group B: Shrewsbury School 73-2 (Morris 30) bt Ellesmere College 72 all out (Munro 29 Barden 2-12 Shuker 2-10 Ware 2-6); Moreton Hall School 105-0 (L.Pickstock 35no O.Gough 31no) bt Ellesmere College 103-8 by ten wickets; Moreton Hall School 68-1 bt Shrewsbury High School 67 all out by nine wickets; Shrewsbury School bt Shrewsbury High School; Ellesmere College v Shrewsbury High School; Moreton Hall School v Shrewsbury School (playing Thurs May 23)


Group C: Wellingborough School 51-1 bt Rugby School 50 by nine wickets; Oundle School 132-6 bt Bromsgrove School 61-8 by 71 runs; Rugby School 85-5 bt Bromsgrove School 81-7 by four runs; Wellingborough School 120-2 bt Oundle School 90 by 30 runs; Oundle School v Rugby School; Bromsgrove School v Wellingborough School


Group D: Leicester Grammar School 256-2 bt Stamford High School 123-6 by 133 runs; Wymondham College v Norwich School; Wymondham College v Leicester Grammar School; Norwich School v Stamford High School; Stamford High School v Wymondham College; Leicester Grammar School v Norwich School


Group E: Leys School 169-1 bt Kimbolton School 55-8 by 114 runs; Perse School bt Kimbolton School; Leys School bt Stephen Perse Foundation; Perse School bt Stephen Perse Foundation; Leys School v Perse School (playing Thurs May 23); Kimbolton School v Stephen Perse Foundation


Group F1: Ipswich School bt St Joseph’s School by 60 runs; Ipswich School bt Royal Hospital School by 84 runs; Royal Hospital School v St Joseph’s College


Group F2: Farlingaye High School (Imogen Sidhu 67no) bt Framlingham College (Sidhu 3-15) by six wickets; Farlingaye High School (Imogen Sidhu 50no) bt Woodbridge School by 50 runs; Framlingham College v Woodbridge School


Winner of Group F1 v Farlingaye High School


Group G: Felsted School 58-2 bt New Hall School 57-5 by eight wickets; Felsted School 135-2 bt Shenfield High School 68-9 by 67 runs; New Hall School v Shenfield High School


Group H: Berkhamsted School bt Queenswood School by eight wickets Berkhamsted School 67-1 bt Haileybury School 66-8 by nine wickets; Berkhamsted School bt Beaumont School by ten wickets; Haileybury School 127-3 (Scarlett Spavin 56no) bt Queenswood School 121-7 by six runs; Beaumont School bt Haileybury School (Scarlett Spavin 50no) by nine wickets; Queenswood School v Beaumont School


Group I: King’s School Canterbury 80-2 bt St Lawrence College 79 all out by eight wickets; Sutton Valence School w/o Brighton College; King’s School Canterbury w/o Brighton College; St Lawrence College bt Sutton Valence School; Sutton Valence School v King’s School Canterbury; St Lawrence College w/o Brighton College


Group J: Bede’s School 31-3 bt Hurstpierpoint College 30 all out (Mary Taylor 4-5 Izzy Atherton 3-3) by seven wickets; Bede’s School 67-0 (Freya Kemp 40no) bt Gildredge House School 66-6 by ten wickets; Mayfield School v Bede’s School (playing Thurs May 23); Gildredge House School v Hurstpierpoint College; Hurstpierpoint College v Mayfield School; Gildredge House School v Mayfield School


Group K: Reigate Grammar School 122-3 bt St Swithun’s School 32-7 by 90 runs; Reigate Grammar School 127-5 (Millie Hetherington 72no) bt St George’s College Weybridge 53-3 by 74 runs; Reigate School 123-2 (Emily Burke 54no) bt Kingston Grammar School 118-5 by five runs; Kingston Grammar School bt St George’s College Weybridge; Kingston Grammar School bt St Swithun’s School; St George’s College Weybridge bt St Swithun’s School


Group L: Colfe’s School 93-2 bt Sydenham High School 51-3 by 42 runs; Colfe’s School 95-4 bt Ibstock Place School 7-1 (run rate); Ibstock Place School v Emanuel School; Sydenham High School v Ibstock Place School; Emanuel School v Colfe’s School; Sydenham High School v Emanuel School


Group M: Godolphin & Latymer School 94 bt Aylesbury High School 91; Godolphin & Latymer School 124 bt Dr Challoner’s High School 102; Dr Challoner’s High School v Bradfield College; Aylesbury High School v Bradfield College; Aylesbury School v Dr Challoner’s High School; Bradfield College v Godolphin & Latymer School


Group N1: Dauntsey’s School 125-6 bt Monmouth School for Girls 87-7 by 38 runs


Group N2: Oxford High School 86-4 (Alice Potter 39 all out) bt St Helen & St Katharine School 84 all out (Millie Lane 3-10) by six wickets; Oxford High School 98-3 (Sana Kassey 20no Ellie Simpson 20no) bt St Edward’s School 97-6 by seven wickets; St Edward's School 127-5 (Tilly Pumfrey 42no) bt St Helen and St Katharine School 105 all out (Leila Howard 3-8) by 22 runs


Group N Play-Off: Dauntsey's School v Oxford High School (Playing Thurs May 23)


Group O1: Wellington School 154-4 (Niamh Holland 67no Alisa Scantlebury 48) bt Castle School 153 all out (Maggie Adams 35no Holland 3-11) by six wickets; Wellington School v Taunton School (playing May 21); Taunton School v Castle School


Group O2: Millfield School bt Holyrood Academy: Millfield v King’s School Bruton; Holyrood Academy v King’s School Bruton


Group O Play-Off: Millfield 145-7 (Jess Hazell 48no India Owen 41 Alyssa Scantlebury 5-20) bt Wellington School 144-5 (Niamh Holland 93) by three wickets


Group P: Parkstone Grammar School 92-1 bt Truro School 89-9 by nine wickets; Parkstone Grammar School 175-7 bt Clayesmore School 61-9 by 114 runs; Parkstone Grammar School 76-1 bt Sherborne Girls School 74-9 by nine wickets; Clayesmore School v Truro School; Sherborne Girls School v Clayesmore School; Truro School v Sherborne Girls School


Last 16 (To be played by June 16): Winner of Group A v Shrewsbury School; Wellingborough School v Wymondham College or Norwich School; Leys School v Ipswich School or Farlingaye High School; Felsted School v Berkhamsted School; King’s School Canterbury v Bede’s School; Reigate Grammar School v Colfe’s School; Godolphin & Latymer School v Dauntsey’s School; Millfield v Parkstone Grammar School