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RFU National Schools U15 Cup 2019/20


Second Round: Wirral GS 22 King’s Macclesfield 17; Stockport GS v Birkenhead or St Mary’s Crosby; Bridgewater HS v Kirkham GS; Manchester GS v Lancaster RGS or Carnforth HS; Bradford GS (bye); Crossley Heath School (bye); QEGS Wakefield v Worksop College or Priory Academy LSST; Mount St Mary’s College  or Wilmslow HS v Sedbergh; Newcastle School for Boys (bye); Durham School (bye); Barnard Castle School (bye); Sedbergh School (bye); Ampleforth College (bye); St Peter’s York (bye); Prince Henry’s GS v Harrogate GS; Rodillian Academy; Ellesmere College 7 Old Swinford Hospital School 19; Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School or Hereford Cathedral School v Malvern College; Bromsgrove 33 Denstone College 0; Solihull or Stratford v Cirencester Kingshill School; Warwick School (bye); West Coventry Academy or Shipston HS; Ellis Guilford or Kibworth School; Trent College or Oakham School; Oundle 29 Wellingborough 0; Bishop Stopford or Sponne v Stowe; Samuel Whitbread Academy 24 Bedford Modern 7; Bishop’s Stortford HS 22 Haileybury 49; Felsted or Royal Hospital School; St Joseph’s College (bye); Norwich (bye); Gresham’s (bye); Bishop’s Stortford College or Parmiter’s v Berkhamsted; RGS High Wycombe v St Clement Danes or Haydon; Campion School 7 Harrow 68; St Cecilia’s (bye); St Paul’s School, Barnes (bye); King’s College Wimbledon (bye); Wimbledon College (bye); Richard Challoner School 0 Epsom College 31; Dulwich College v Ravens Wood School; Trinity School Croydon 28 Whitgift 13; Judd 6 Skinners 5; Kent College (bye); Brighton College (bye); Cardinal Newman Catholic School (bye); RGS Guildford (bye); St Andrew’s Catholic School v Howard of Effingham School; Winchcombe or Chosen Hill v Cheltenham College; St Peter’s Catholic HS Gloucester v Sr Thomas Rich’s School; Hampton v Abingdon; Wellington College (bye); Portsmouth GS (bye); King Edward VI School v Bourne Academy; Canford (bye); Bryanston (bye); Sherborne v Millfield or Clarendon; Beechen Cliff bt Clifton College; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School (bye); Bristol GS (bye); Ivybridge Community College (bye); Penryn College v Redruth; Queen Elizabeth’s School (bye); Taunton School (bye)


Third Round: Berkhamsted School 19 RGS High Wycombe 0; Harrow School 50 St Cecilia’s School 0; St Paul’s School, Barnes 14 King’s College Wimbledon 10; Wimbledon College 31 Epsom College 17; Dulwich College 7 Trinity School, Croydon 31; Judd School 53 Kent College 0; Brighton College 50 Cardinal Newman Catholic School 3; RGS Guildford 8 Howard of Effingham School 12; Old Swinford Hospital School 20 Malvern College 19; Bromsgrove School 23 Solihull School 7; Warwick School 47 Shipston HS 5; Ellis Guilford School v Oakham School; Oundle School 0 Stowe School 52; Samuel Whitbread Academy 22 Haileybury School 7; Felsted School 12 St Joseph’s College, Ipswich 5; Norwich School 36 Gresham’s School 0; Wirral GS for Boys 5 Stockport GS 48; Kirkham GS 14 Manchester GS 17; Bradford GS 5 Crossley Heath School 7; QEGS Wakefield 50 Sandbach School 0; RGS Newcastle 50 Durham School 0; Barnard Castle School 0 Sedbergh School 24; Ampleforth College 5 St Peter’s School, York 24; Prince Henry’s GS 25 Rodillian Academy 14; Cheltenham College 10 St Peter’s Catholic HS, Gloucester 17; Hampton School 15 Wellington College 19; Churcher’s College 45 King Edward VI Five Ways School 0; Canford School 3 Bryanston School 0; Sherborne School 7 Beechen Cliff School 21; Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School 47 Bristol GS 12; Ivybridge Community College 26 Redruth School 21; Queen Elizabeth’s School 34 Taunton School 17


Fourth Round: Berkhamsted School 12 Harrow School 40; St Paul’s School, Barnes 11 Wimbledon College 14; Trinity School, Croydon 34 Judd School 12; Brighton College 45 Howard of Effingham School 0; Old Swinford Hospital School 12 Bromsgrove School 13; Warwick School 14 Oakham School 20; Stowe School 50 Samuel Whitbread Academy 10; Felsted School 10 Norwich School 5; Stockport GS 26 Manchester GS 0; Crossley Heath School 12 QEGS Wakefield 39; RGS Newcastle 7 Sedbergh School 44; St Peter’s School, York 17 Prince Henry’s GS 10; St Peter’s Catholic HS, Gloucester 7 Wellington College 20; Churcher’s College 31 Canford School 5; Beechen Cliff School 49 Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School 10; Ivybridge Community College 17 Queen Elizabeth’s School 12


Last 16: Harrow School 24 Wimbledon College 12; Trinity School, Croydon 39 Brighton College 5; Bromsgrove School 14 Oakham School 15; Stowe School 24 Felsted School 15; Stockport GS 26 QEGS Wakefield 15; Sedbergh School 34 St Peter’s School, York 12; Wellington College 28 Churcher’s College 13; Beechen Cliff School 10 Ivybridge Community College 10 (Ivybridge win on away team rule)


Quarter Finals: Harrow School 19 Trinity School, Croydon 15; Stockport GS 14 Stowe School 21; Sedbergh School 10 Oakham School 17; Wellington College 8 Ivybridge Community College 12


Semi Finals: Ivybridge Community College 22 Harrow School 22 (Ivybridge win having scored first points of the game); Stowe School 15 Oakham School 5


Final: Ivybridge Community College v Stowe School